Dark Age

Hier gibt es die erste Presseerklärung von Dark Age Games

June 5, 2002

For Immediate Release

Dark Age Games Announces DARK AGE the Tabletop Miniatures Game

Atlanta, GA, June 5, 2002


Dark Age Games, a new and exciting game development company featuring some of the industry’s top talent, today announces the official release of their first game: Dark Age. Scheduled for launch at the Origins convention on July 4th in Columbus, OH, Dark Age brings the grim and violent world of Brom’s Dark Age to life. Dark Age is a 28mm skirmish style miniatures game produced with the highest quality standards.


Brom is synonymous with the visceral and fiercely original art that has wowed the industry for many years now. From TSR, White Wolf, WOTC and other major game companies to work in comics, computer games and movies, Brom has produced incredible imagery and has set new standards. Dark Age is born of Brom's own imagination -- a nightmarish, apocalyptic vision of the future in his trademark dramatic style. Many companies have tried to bring you the Brom look, the Brom feel. Only Dark Age can bring you the real thing. Be ready, the sun is about to go down...


Information about this exciting new product line can be found on the official Dark Age website at www.dark-age.com.


Dark Age Games is very lucky to have an all-star team.  With project management from Dave Poole, line development from Cary Parris, and art direction and product-development support from Brom, Dark Age Games developed from a solid nucleus of talent.  To lend the team greater art direction that nucleus grew to include additional concept artists. Bringing their experience from television, movie, and computer game projects are: Glenn Israel, Feng Zhu, Donald Carr and James Hawkins.  These artists have assisted in the expansion of environment and unit concepts helping to bring out the richness of Brom’s original creations.  Taking those creations from the page and into the three-dimensional world are renowned sculptors Steve Buddle, Werner Klocke, Stefan Niehues, Christian Danckworth and Arnaud Boudoiron.  Hailing from companies such as Games Workshop, Reaper, Rackham, Excalibur, Foundry, and Assassin their beautiful models are known throughout the industry.  Finally breathing life into these stunning models is the incomparable Jennifer Haley our official staff painter.  Having Jennifer also act as a consultant in the miniature design process Dark Age is able to produce unrivaled finished product for display and sale to the public. All of this is coupled with a robust, thoroughly tested rule system, and the support of a massive, professionally-produced web presence.


The product line has been developed with quality and value in mind. Players need only purchase their miniatures to play the game.  All the information they need is supplied with unit cards in the packaging and free downloadable rules found at www.dark-age.com.  At launch two complete armies will be available for purchase with a third army available only a month later at the GenCon convention in Milwaukee. Additional releases will occur monthly to expand and support the product line with additional expansions planned for the fall.  Dark Age miniatures will be available for sale through www.dark-age.com, major online retailers, and local hobby stores. Retailer and customer support will be the highest priority.  Pricing for Dark Age products is extremely competitive for a premium product of this quality and nature ranging from $5.99 for a single miniature up to $29.99 for the largest boxed release.


Players exploring the world of Dark Age will battle for survival in a ravaged world. It is a world decimated by a great cataclysm leaving those few who survive to scavenge for resources and to strive to discover their past. What remains of the world is unknown:  the races and creatures that struggle to survive are a mystery only the players themselves can discover.


Expect great looking miniatures.  Expect fast and furious game rules.  Expect a frequently updated website.  Expect a unique storyline which will take you on the most twisted and unforgettable journey imaginable.  Expect the best and you won't be disappointed!


Dave Poole, the Dark Age project manager can be reached at canuck@dark-age.com. Learn more about Dark Age at www.dark-age.com or come visit us at Origins, booth #232


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